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January 8, 2010
Engine 103 Receives a New Assignment!

It’s no surprise to anyone that Fire Engines have longevity. When a Fire Department makes a purchase of a Pumper or other apparatus, the costs after outfitting with equipment and utilities can be as much as a single family house! For that reason, Fire Engines are scrupulously maintained, repaired, and taken care of. The miles it drives are low on an annual basis, but the stress of those short term miles and the conditions it runs in will eventually take their toll on even the best equipment.

The Norwood Park Fire Protection District recently retired and sold Engine 103, a Pierce Lance (make and model) Pumper it purchased in the Spring of 1992. The Engine, equipped with a 750 gallon water tank and a 40 gallon foam tank, originally seated 6 firefighters when purchased but was retrofitted for four when space was needed for EMS equipment (when our front line engine was converted to an ALS, or Advanced Life Support, response vehicle a few years ago). It served our Fire District for over 17 years, responding to multiple fires and EMS calls as well as, more sadly, a funeral caisson when Firefighter Christopher Goldsworthy passed away in 2006. Engine 103 served us proudly…and is now beginning a new life with the Garden Valley Fire Department of Idaho.

You see, the cost of new Fire Equipment is prohibitive to some Fire Departments, as a result they look for used equipment which is affordable, well maintained, and costs less to operate annually. Norwood Park was able to sell Engine 103 to Garden Valley, whom had it shipped via flatbed truck to their location in December. Norwood Park continues to be served by Engines 101 and 102, as well as Truck 104 and three ambulances.

Engine 103 at a multi-alarm structure fire
 at Jerry's Auto Repair. 
Engine 103 served as a funeral caisson for
Firefighter Christopher Goldsworthy in 2006.
Engine 103 being loaded onto a flatbed for
transport to Idaho. Because of the size and
clearance of the Engine, a heavy towing
company had to be called in to load it
onto the flatbed.
Engine 103 loaded and on it's way for
Fire Service for the Garden Valley
Fire Department in Idaho!

October 20, 2009
Breast Cancer FundraiserBreast Cancer Fundraiser

The Norwood Park Fireman's Association Local 4210 did a fund raiser for breast cancer awareness. During the open house and throughout the month the firemen sold over 700 t-shirts and raised over $7000 for breast cancer awareness.  Click on the image for a larger view.


October 20, 2009
 Commissioner Menconi Retires

Commissioner Meconi RetiresFire Commissioner Marvin Menconi Retires in 2009 after 27 years of dedicated service. Pictured - Deputy Fire Chief John Kovalcik, Commissioner Marvin Menconi, and Fire Chief Kevin Stenson.  Click on image for larger view.


July 7, 2008
Commissioner Tom Green Retires

Congratulations, Commissioner Tom Green, on your retirement. Your 25 years you served as a Volunteer and Commissioner has made our Department a better place. Your dedication and friendship will truly be missed.

June 12, 2008
Lighting Grant Recipient

The Norwood Park Fire Department is proud to announce we have been awarded a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Lighting Upgrade Grant Program.  The lighting upgrade will enable our department to improve the lighting quality for the firefighters and visitors while decreasing operating and maintenance expenses.  The lighting upgrades will save energy, help create a cleaner community, and serve as an energy efficient model for our neighborhood.  Lime Energy of Elk Grove Village, Illinois has been awarded the contract to perform the upgrade.   For more information on how you can help minimize pollution in our community please call us.





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